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October 18, 2018



There were many names that came to mind before choosing second nature.  Names like Cleanse + Repeat, Calm + Cure, Habitude, & Kulture.  Having gratitude for being in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, I wanted something that still had a clinical ring to it, yet something trendy and timeless.  Something that had an action filled impact on peoples lives and the desire to create a subtle twist on the current health paradigm that allowed people to feel taking care of themselves was less of a chore and more exhilarating.  You know those corner clinics/wellness hubs that exist in every hustling bustling city where you can stop in for a dose of herbs if you are suffering from a cold, a b12 injection, a quick DIY facial at our ayurvedic facial bar, or simply wander around for a bit of retail therapy.

At the crux of the clinic is an underlying authenticity to treating disease and staying true to prevention with a vast body of science known as Ayurveda – a 5000 year old ancient science that truly deserves being in the limelight.  That is my mission: making Ayurveda a household medicine; a lifestyle, a path that makes so much sense. Principles that are tried & true.


I am truly passionate about the little things that add up to make us whole.  Each healthy drop in the bucket makes all the difference.  Why? because lifestyle is so important and what we do we do everyday has an impact on every cell in our being.

I feel truly blessed by the patients who have come to a point of total cure and it is my desire to continue that and spread this old science in today’s world.  Every new person I can teach to apply warm herbalized oil, or to eat only when hungry, or to drink less cold water is truly my mission.

What are these habits or tendencies that I hope would become second nature for any being walking in?

1. a weekly b12 shot.

a lifestyle course.

an ayurvedic oil massage.

an IV drip.

5. the use of a tongue cleaner.

6. customized herbs.

7. sitting with eyes closed.

8. an ayurvedic facial.

9. understanding your nature.


I have some amazing gems that I have picked up along my journey that people aren’t really thinking of like using a tongue scraper to get rid of toxins or using warm oil on their bodies to mitigate the excess stimulation that we are surrounded by.  These are unique, they are time-honored, they are special, and they work!

Probably our happiest of hours is our weekly occurring Zen Lounge  event that takes place Thursdays from 5-7 pm. This weekly happy hour was born out of an understanding that I wanted something where one could really hone in on the self-care process.  Sometimes it is hard to carve out time for ourselves, but if I could create something that does that for people and in an hour or so they could experience true self-care regularly. What better way to make this happen.

second nature
noun: an acquired habit or tendency in one’s character that is so deeply ingrained as to appear automatic

I feel so lucky to say that I am truly creating a space that allows people to adopt a healthy lifestyle that ultimately becomes second nature !

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-Dr. Thanki, NMD (founder of Second Nature Clinic)

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