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September 6, 2017

HEY MAMAS! Bring on the self care you deserve!

Hey Mamas!

Your self care routines are awaiting your approval. I’m sure you have taken a step back and wondered to yourself “how did my mom do it?” I know I have. And she has 3 of us. She didn’t even have the tools we have today. I don’t mean handy man tools. I mean mind, body, spirit self care tools. Practices like meditation, yoga, & ayurveda, which NOURISH our being.

We must find the time for:

caring for our loved ones
managing the household

It’s constant work to feed all these areas of our lives. I love the analogy of it being close to having to water our plants daily to keep them alive.

As a young girl I remember my mom multi-tasking which consisted of running a full time practice and yet food was ready for us when we came home from school.

You must ask yourself how does the house manage to become such a mess? How do we learn to take care of ourselves and the family and the little ones? How do we prepare dinner daily?

It all begins with us moms. Sorry dad’s!! Mom’s run the household.

So what will help us become more productive, more nourishing of ourselves, of our bodies? How can we use what Ayurveda has to offer as our building blocks to give our bodies what it deserves. Ayurveda gives us the answers to living our complex lives through simplicity.

Self Care for moms is important!

Here are a few self-care tips:

1. Listen to your body? We forget that our body can talk. It tell us what’s up? It tells us when to eat and when to drink. It’s just that we are too busy doing other things that we don’t listen to our internal signals.

2. Take on lifestyle habits in tune with nature. Getting to bed on time, meals that are easy to digest. You will find you are swimming with nature instead of swimming against nature. Nature will assist you in becoming more productive.

3. Take the time to meditate even if it is closing your eyes and going inward for 5 minutes of stillness before the ruckus of the day starts. It will help ease your outlook on life and plan the day.

If you are wanting a cool, hip, fun, relaxing place to take on these important self-care routines or just chat with other mom’s visit our Zen Lounge Happy Hour on a thursday evening from 5-7 pm!

  1. Lori Wensink

    August 13th, 2018 at 2:32 am

    Hi Dr. Thanki,
    I was just introduced to your practice as I was searching the web. I’d love to find an Ayurvedic doctor in Chandler. Do you know of any in Chandler? My dosha does not do well sitting in the car for long periods of the day and driving your way is just not attractive. Although, I will consider you if you don’t know of anyone my way. I just finished YTT (200) and am continuing my transformation.

    Thank you and Namaste
    Lori Wensink

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